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Marka: Audionet
Analogue audio inputs: 4 pair RCA Line, gold plated, Teflon insulated1 pair Neutrik XLR balanced, gold platedDigital audio inputs: 4 RCA, 75 Ohm, gold plated, Teflon insulated 4 optical (TosLink)1 Neutrik XLR AES/EBU, 110 ohms, gold-plated, Teflon insulated1 USB Audio type BAudio outputs: 2 pairs RC..
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Marka: Audionet
Special FeaturesAudionet ULA technology (Ultra-Linear-Amplifier)Magnetically and capacitatively optimized constructionSignal paths are kept to a minimumNo capacitors and electromechanical components in the signal pathCompletely DC coupeldSeparate power supply for input and power stageToroid transfor..
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